To pay for an order using Shop Pay Installments, the following eligibility criteria apply: 

  • You need to have a United States billing address, and be signed up for Shop Pay
  • Your order needs to be between 50 USD and 20,000 USD, including shipping and taxes.
  • If you're ordering a physical product that requires shipping, then you need to provide a United States shipping address. If you're only purchasing digital products, then a United States shipping address isn't required.
  • For orders split into four bi-weekly payments, you need to pay with a supported credit card or debit card.
  • For orders paid for in monthly installment payments, you can only pay with a supported debit card.


The following limitations apply to Shop Pay Installments. If any of the below limitations apply to your order, then you can't use Shop Pay Installments to pay for that order: 

  • You can't pay for an order if the order includes currency in any form, including virtual and digital currency, such as gift cards.
  • You can't pay for a Shop Pay Installments order using Capital One card, prepaid debit cards, or prepaid credit cards. 

Shop Pay Installments is powered by Affirm, who reviews your application at checkout. Learn more about next steps if you aren't approved for Shop Pay Installments